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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

the guide to being happy #201

I have a friend who is feeling broken. Last week was traumatic, even after all the prayers and signs that things would go her way. I talked with her all weekend and said "Take this time to mourn. What happened is awful and painful and life altering but on Tuesday you need a plan. You start a new, different life but you have to start. You survived this. You dreaded the day that this might happen. It happened and you survived it. Now you are going to thrive it."

This post is for everyone reading this who feels angry or sad or humiliated or numb at the way things have turned out. What I can say is this:

1. You are not alone. A lot of people are having shitty days today too. Many, a lot worse than you.
2. You have a choice for which way your life is going to go. It's completely up to you how you are going to react to the shit storm that was thrown your way.
3. Yup, you have another option. You can wallow in the sadness that you think you are gong to feel forever. I promise you won't feel like this forever. Right now, it's not ideal but each day it will feel a little less awful and one day, not long from now, you will laugh again.

For now, if you need just ONE thing to hold onto, it's the fact that what happened to you didn't kill you. This means that you have an opportunity to live the life that makes you happy. You're going to work hard for it but oh, imagine what it will feel like when that day comes and you can smile,  tilt your head up to the sun and feel your heart glow again. It will be worth it and you will be so proud of the you right now that is flighting for every single step forward.


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