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Monday, June 3, 2019

How to get the things done you don't want to do

Last week I finally crossed some things off my to-do list that had been on there so long that I automatically just looked past them to get to the other tasks. I realized, though, that these things that weren't getting done were like a heavy weight on my shoulders. I kept telling myself that I had to get them done but because they took too much mental or physical energy, I just kept putting them off.

I decided that I needed to revisit my list and decide if I actually really needed to get these things done. So, I took them one by one. Would it be a bad thing if I didn't do it or pushed it off? In the things that I had on my list,  the answer was that ALL of them needed my attention. I needed to book travel to the east coast. I needed to revisit graduate school and decide if I wanted to continue. I needed to sell or give away the things that no longer suited Waverly who is fast approaching two years-old!

I gave myself one week to take action on every single one of these. I booked travel. I decided that I wouldn't continue graduate school while Waverly is still so young. I made a phone call that I didn't want to make (but am glad I did.) I sold some of Waverly's baby things and have set aside every Monday to go through more of her things until I am caught up and our guest room no longer looks like a baby shower exploded in there.

I found that the key to getting things done that I have been putting off was to schedule time in my calendar to focus completely on this task. When the alarm went off, I shut off my phone, closed my email and focused solely on the task at hand. I gave myself a finite amount of time to make a decision or to at least begin the process that I had been putting off.

Once I had checked off everything on my list, I felt this sense of lightness. It was like my desk was piled with messy files and it was now clean and organized. I was proud of the progress that I made and that after several months of staring at the Reminders app on my phone, I was finally able to delete the tasks. I don't know how to even describe how good it feels to accomplish the things that I have been putting off. I feel so light and happy. I think when your head is somewhere else, it's hard for happiness to find its way to you.

I hope that this month  you make room for light in your life too.

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