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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

my favorite holiday gifts 2019

One of the challenges this time of year is what to get for the guy who is hard to buy for or the parents who don't need anything or the best friend who has everything. It's frustrating to walk around a mall tying to find the present that will make them smile.  If you're still searching for the perfect gift, here are some of my favorite things that just might be the perfect fit for the people on your list.

1.  The Dash Electric Air Fryer ($79.99, Amazon)

We have this and we love it. The 6 quart capacity fryer cooks salmon, fries and baked goods to perfection. This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to spend less time in the kitchen and eat healthier.

2. Zutanos: The One Baby Bootie That Will Stay On (Newborn to 24 months, dozens of colors and fabric variations, $15.75 and up, Amazon)

As a baby, Waverly would not keep booties on her sweet, little feet. I ordered these Zutano booties and either they were so comfortable she didn't want take them off or the design was so well done that she couldn't get them off.  Either way these never came off her feet. They are soft, easy to wash and they are my favorite gift to give new parents.

3. The Hotel Robe (varies, this one is from The White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket, $130)

One of my favorite presents to give L is a hotel robe from some our favorite hotels around the world. Whenever he wears them, it reminds both of us of happy vacations moments, room service and relaxing days by the pool. If there is a hotel that someone you love loves to stay in or has always wanted to stay in but hasn't yet, see if the hotel gift shop sells embroidered robes and surprise them with a little bit of luxury at home.

4. The Lectrofan Sleep Sound Machine / Bluetooth Speaker ($27.26, Amazon)

This is the perfect gift for anyone who has trouble focusing or sleeping with surrounding noise. I have trouble concentrating with ambient noise and I always take this small sound soother when I travel. I listen to my favorite playlists via Bluetooth during the day and at night, I fall asleep to white noise. I can't say enough wonderful things about this product.

5. The Cafe Mocha Chocolate Bar ($11, Harper Macaw)

For the foodie in your life, here's a chocolate bar that combines two favorite flavors- chocolate and coffee.

6. "The Other Side of the Coin: the Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe" ($20.26, Amazon)

This is the book everyone is talking about. Written by Queen Elizabeth's dresser, Angela Kelly, this book offers a rare, inside look into the Queen's private life. I just started reading it and if I wasn't so tired chasing after a toddler all day, I would stay up each night reading this fantastic book.

7. Table Topics ($25, Amazon)

I bought this table top conversation starter after a friend told me that she used this for the first time at Thanksgiving and it was the best family get together they had had in a long time. We have several get togethers coming up so I bought the 10th Anniversary Edition. If you'd like to help family or guests get to know each other better, try one of the many options including Road Trip (which I also bought) and Family Gatherings.

8. The Surprisingly Perfect Hot Honey ($8.48, Amazon)

Yes, you can put Mike's Hot Honey on everything from avocado toast to strawberries. People swear that this condiment is great on pizza. For the person who has everything, they probably don't have this.

9. The Elevated Porter To-Go Lunch Container ($40, available in 9 colors on

Is there someone on your list who brings their lunch to school or work every day? I ordered one of these for myself a few months ago and I love how it makes me feel even when I am just eating leftovers for lunch. Lunch feels different when you're not eating out of plasticware. I bought the mint (of course!) but it is also available in 8 other colors. The ceramic bowl is BPA plastic free and is microwave and dishwasher safe. If your giftee brings this to lunch, they are guaranteed to make everyone else at the table jealous.

10. The Anker Portable Charger ($29.99, Amazon)

For the teen, the parent, the best friend, the partner, the kid, this charger is the one they need. It's simple. It works and it's small. Of all of the chargers I have bought in the past, this is the one I always grab first,

11. The Video Game: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ($59.99,

If you have a gamer in your life, this is the game of the season.

12. The Diffuser & Homesick Fragrance Oil (Diffuser in 4 colors, $31.99 on Amazon and essential oils starting at $8.46 at

The sense of smell has strong ties to memory. If someone in your life is homesick or loves a particular scent, pick up one of the dozens of candles and essential oils at along with a diffuser. I picked up the Beach Cottage fragrance oil for one of my girlfriends and I personally love the Massachusetts candle. It reminds me of home every time I look at it.

13. Packing Cubes ($21.95, Amazon)

For the traveler, these packing cubes are a game changer. Not only do they help keep your clothes organized, but they save room in your suitcase as well. I bought them in three colors for each member of our family.

14. The Simple Modern Perfect Tumbler For Hot + Cold Drinks (available in 40+ colors and 5 sizes, $15.99, Amazon)

I have been on the hunt for the perfect tumbler that actually keeps my drinks really hot and really cold. Unfortunately my Yeti keeps my drink warm for maybe a couple of hours at most. I bought the Simple Modern tumbler which comes with unique tops for both hot and cold drinks and after 24 hours I still had ice in my iced tea and my coffee was still hot after 12 hours. The tumblers fit perfectly in car cupholders and they don't spill. If you have someone who always has to have a coffee with them, this is the one tumbler that does everything you hope a tumbler would do.

15. The Sonos Speaker ($149,

This is a great present for a family or a big present for someone you love. This Sonos speaker is for the person who loves music. This is one my favorite pieces of technology in our home. The sound is phenomenal and you can pair them up to have music throughout your home. (It's also easy to install.)

16. The Slip Scrunchie ($45 for a set of 6,

If you have someone on your list with long hair, these Slip scrunchies are great to sleep in. These silk scrunchies keep your hair from tangling when you sleep,  they don't leave an indentation in your hair and they don't tear your hair when you slip it off your ponytail. I love this Cali set. It reminds me of The Beverly Hills Hotel.

17. The Ambosstoys Primo Toddler Scooter ($159, Amazon)

This is a big gift for a toddler but it's one that is an investment. This scooter is toddler-propelled, solidly built and has a timeless style. To me, it looks like a miniature version of scooters you see throughout Italy. We bought one for Waverly for Christmas and I think she is going to love this for the next few years.

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