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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

a summer moment in winter: harrod's strawberries & cream

When I was a reporter, I traveled often to London for film junkets and set visits. During one of my trips (which was around Christmas), I stopped into Harrod's for a little shopping and some tea. It was a cold, drizzly day but I wanted something bright, happy, summery yet warm. I discovered Harrod's Strawberries & Cream No. 75 Fruit Infusion tea. It was brilliant. Exactly what I wanted. I bought a box and enjoyed this tea throughout my stay in London.

When L. was in London a few weeks ago, I remembered this tea and how it made me feel. I asked him if he was in the area, if he would bring me back some of this tea. The day he came back, he handed me two boxes of this tea and a tin of shortbread cookies. Even just holding the warm cup with the tea infusing in the water, uplifted my mood. I was reminded of June days and popping fat, sun-warmed strawberries in my mouth. If you are too busy for afternoon tea with a biscuit, strawberry jam and clotted cream, this tea is a perfect substitute for that moment of comfort.

While I've been sipping this tea hot on cold, snowy days here in Seattle, I've had a little of my own sunshine. This tea would also be out of this world served over ice with a fresh basil leaf. There's something wonderful about the combination of strawberries and basil.  I'm looking forward to this being my go-to drink this summer.

Harrod's Strawberries & Cream No. 75 Fruit Infusion tea can be ordered online ($10.10 for 20 silken tea bags).

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